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Your wedding is likely one of the maximum essential days of your existence. You’ve spent years selecting the groom, not to mention the hours devoted to choosing the dress, the venue, the plants, and the photographer so that you ought to be similarly as thorough when selecting the caterer. After all, a delicious meal in addition to celebrating everlasting love is a prime draw for many wedding ceremony guests.

Foodie brides and grooms you are going to love this super helpful post about wedding catering!

How to Choose Your Wedding Caterer

When selecting a catering company you’re looking for exceptional food, service and the capability to work with the enormity of the detail included in your day. There are particular key factors that you ought to talk about when fulfilling your caterer for the first time.


First and foremost you need to find out whether your caterer is available on the date you need and discover out what the payment and booking procedure is. Make sure to understand at what point your date gets secure and if payments are needed. The very last thing you need is a surprising shock and unexpected bill before the wedding.

We suggest that you ideally start researching and meeting with caterers at least 9 months before your wedding. Many venues might have a list of preferred providers, including caterers, so once your date is preferred and the place is reserved that’s a great time to get started calling catering firms.


You must get an early indication of catering costs and what they include. Ask about what options are available to you, if you’re on a restricted budget inform your caterer what it is — ideally they ought to be able to provide a package to suit your requirements. Contemplate what is and what isn’t included in the cost as frequently this can change from one caterer to another.

The big things to look out for are if your quotation includes VAT — you don’t need to get stung if this is overlooked. Different caterers may or may not include tableware and linen hire within their quotations so ensure that you run them again it is not something you want to have to find the extra budget for before the wedding.

Ask Your Venue for Suggestions

When selecting a wedding caterer, a fantastic option to begin is to ask your venue for catering ideas, since most venues will have a list of preferred vendors. But if not one of the caterers around the listing strikes your fancy, you may choose to ask your venue if they have particular requirements that caterers in their premises must fulfil.

Many places will want to review and approve of the caterer, often requiring proof of certain certifications or permits before they will enable a caterer to work on their property. You will want to understand what these areas you interview companies.

Quality of Food

When selecting your caterer you’re seeking stunning demonstration paired with sensational taste. Ask to see a portfolio of the caterers work with pictures of the food. It’s important that your caterer has professional, commercial facilities and a group of gifted people to serve your guests daily. When fulfilling your caterer it is a good idea to inquire about the quality and sustainability of the products they source. Creating seasonal menus will impact highly on the quality and flavour of one meal.

Tasting Session

Check the caterer offers a tasting experience but be aware that popular caterers will have restricted accessibility throughout the summertime. A tasting will let you completely comprehend the quality, presentation, and style of the food and allows you to explore how your ideas can be worked into their existing menus.

Great Expectations

A good caterer should understand your overall vision for the day and also listen to your thoughts, they should be able to use their wealth of experience and build upon your ideas to go beyond your expectations for the day.


Choose a professional catering team with experience in delivering exceptional and inspired weddings and events. Use social media and sites to learn what jobs they’ve recently worked and their existence in the catering marketplace.

Setting the Scene

It’s important to remember the importance a caterer plays in your day, except brides using a wedding planner, your caterer is likely to be the previous provider to groom your tables before the parties begin. At EBTG we take good care to make sure that each and every element of décor — including the flowers, table centres, and candles look perfect alongside our tableware, we go above and beyond to make sure a couple’s vision is achieved on the day. Your caterer must require the care and time required to achieve this.


Finally, service is extremely important, equivalent to the high quality and fashion of your food. You must receive the utmost level of support directly from your initial inquiry, through to your tasting session right up until the close of the wedding day itself. Your caterer should offer you the enthusiasm, excitement and experience your wedding favours!

Request for Referrals

Another fantastic option to kick off your search is to ask friends, family members and co-workers who have hosted a catered event in your area for referrals. They could share their experiences of working with their caterer, as well as a first-hand understanding of the way the food and service turned out at their events.

Ask About Entertainment Recommendations

If your caterer has relationships with many of the entertainers from the wedding reception industry, this could be a big benefit for you. Ask what DJ or live band your caterer urges and test them out!

Request about Serving Designs

Most caterers offer 3 different serving styles — a full-service meal, a buffet, and food stations. Inquire about every and learn what the price per head is for every. If you had your heart set on a complete service meal, however, it is way out of the budget, food stations might be a unique alternative.

Although it may seem overwhelming to do not forget how your wedding ceremony will be catered and to determine what meals you need to be served, keep in mind that your caterer is experienced. You won’t have ever accomplished this earlier than, but they have got and they can guide you little by little through the manner of getting the correct meal served at your reception. Just be sure to ask the proper questions and stay inside the recognise!

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